INTERIOR DESIGN - Sourcing & Scouting

“Nothing is impossible. We are constantly taking on challenges, so you can relax and leave the work in our hands”

We keep in touch during the whole process, giving you the best choices to meet with your expectations always.

Sourcing is usually based on a variety of alternatives to create original and welcoming spaces using local and international manufacturers and suppliers.

We travel around different countries looking for new trends, furniture and accessories to provide you with an original and lasting design concept.

We analyze several types of products available in the current market, with a view to best suiting your needs, while also providing you with quality, comfort, design and durability.

A range of styles, fabrics, colors and materials are essential in our search, as they are the key elements to define the ambience you can best identify with, giving your home a personal signature.

In our showroom we display different styles to give you an idea of the variety of atmospheres that can be created in a space, always adapting to your interests and needs.

Some of the main brands we work with are: Rivièra Maison, Cane-Line, Müller Küchen, TinekHome, Dareels, MDT-tex, Möller Design, Sempre.

We are open to your ideas or requests about other sources that may interest you, such as other design lines of furniture and accessories.

The most important thing for us is that you feel satisfied with your new home or space.


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