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Santanyí, Mallorca

Bali Style

“An ethnic and unique style is also possible in your island home”.

This style is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere using natural materials like bamboo.
Teak wood as well as natural rattan are also important resources reflected in most pieces of this furniture line.

Mirrors, carpets and accessories such as Buddha figures and animals carved from wood, bamboo or wicker baskets and lamps are the main complements giving this style its unique touch. Plants also play an important role in bringing this environment to life.

Cozy Style

“The expression of this style generates well-being”.

Relates as a general term, because it is applicable to any style.
You can always have a cozy atmosphere, regardless of your preference or personality.

The cozy style is mostly based on creating a space that makes you feel at home immediately, lets you breathe in a pleasant and peaceful environment, with the warmth of colors, textures, light touches, furniture, complements and authentic details that make the space special and at the same time, very cozy and most comfortable.

Modern Style

“Modern never goes out of style. It´s timeless”.

In a modern style, furniture and accessories of the latest trend are highlighted, as well as the combination of vintage decoration with contemporary and classic shapes.
Together we create a space that is both cozy and formal, with simple and clean lines.

Strong colors can be set off against paler, pure and natural ones.
Shadows and lights also play an important role through natural and artificial light.
This style can also be complemented by fabrics and pillows of different colors and shapes, and a touch that makes the difference.

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