INTERIOR DESIGN - Project Management

"An interior design project document, with drawings, plans and perspectives, is created to define the requirements and inform our clients all they need to know about the project."

Our Project Management process has several stages:

Preliminary phase: During this stage, we make a first contact with you in a friendly and intimate chat, to get to know your needs, tastes, personality and to listen to your desires, to be able to work in the best possible and personalized way.

Planning phase: Once we have some initial information, we study the location of the place and its orientation, take measure and look at all the necessary details and elements required to give the project a more defined shape.

We create a conceptual proposal that defines the space using sketches, images and colors, among other things, and work together to achieve perfection.

We generate an estimated budget for the entire project.

Project execution: On commencement, we start working with the distribution of the space, using plans and perspectives including details of all necessary elements and services to give you a closer idea of what the process entails.

During this phase we fix the final budget.

Project management: We create a work calendar to coordinate the materials and furniture shipments, ordered by us and delivered to your new home.
We make work visits, review the final details and organize the supervision of professionals, if necessary.

We coordinate the whole process and offer you solutions to any unexpected event that may arise. Anything can happen on the Balearics!

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