KOYO Interior, Campos - Mallorca

Koyo Interior was founded in 2017 by its owners, Carola and Jörg Brinkmöller, whose passion and experience on interior design and their love for the island led them to open a concept store in Mallorca.

They offer you a space not only to get away from the daily routine and stress but to immerse yourself in a pleasant atmosphere supported by a specialized team to give you the best alternatives and solutions for your home away from home.

“The portfolio and concept of our company reflects the diversity of the island and fulfills the wishes and dreams of our customers”.

The Store

The new flagship store of KOYO Interior opened in Campos in June 2023 and has ample parking in the immediate vicinity. 

Since its establishment in 2017, KOYO has been an integral part of the EAST26 business centre in Santanyi.

Due to steady growth and island-wide interior design projects, the company decided to expand its presence. KOYO Interior is now located in the former historic railway station building of the town of Campos, which was built at the beginning of the last century.

In this imposing villa, inspiring furnishing solutions for the living and dining areas with equally matching accessories, bedrooms and also a variety of outdoor furniture can be found.

Visitors will be delighted by the fascinating design and furnishings of this new flagship store. The KOYO team is looking forward to welcoming customers and interested parties to the new premises.

“We make your ‘living’ dreams come true”.

“Come and meet us and let us support you in the creation of your dreams. Get inspired by Koyo”.


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