KOYO Interior, Santanyí - Mallorca

Koyo Interior was founded in 2016 by its owners, Carola and Jörg Brinkmöller, whose passion and experience on interior design and their love for the island led them to open a concept store in Mallorca.

They offer you a space not only to get away from the daily routine and stress but to immerse yourself in a pleasant atmosphere supported by a specialized team to give you the best alternatives and solutions for your home away from home.

“The portfolio and concept of our company reflects the diversity of the island and fulfills the wishes and dreams of our customers”.

The Store

The store is part of the stunning multi-functional business center East 26 in the small town of Santanyí.

It has two floors: on the upper level, you will be taken through different backgrounds starting with individual solid wood furniture to pieces especially selected by the owners.

On the lower floor, you will find a cozy homely atmosphere with accessories and furniture by trendy brands and a fascinating kitchen designed for this showroom by a small manufacturer from Germany, who gives you a taste of the possibilities in relation to high-quality and individual solutions for kitchens.

“We make your ‘living’ dreams come true”.


Hotels, Restaurants, Public spaces, Venues...

The Warehouse & Outlet Shop

The warehouse and outlet shop is located near East 26 and is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the market days of Santanyí.

In this atmosphere, you can search and find unique furniture and accessories for different decoration styles. You can also find good outlet products on sale at very interesting prices.

“Come and meet us and let us support you in the creation of your dreams. Get inspired by Koyo”.

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