“Let`s work together in the creation of your unique space”.


In KOYO we also take care of the needs of professional clients, working hand in hand with hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces in the Balearic Islands.

At a first meeting with our potential client, we discern information that allows us to get to know the wishes or needs of the specific establishment, whether in hospitality, the hotel industry or another type of trade.

We focus on consolidating an exclusive and personalized interior design for the company we are dealing with, based on the type of business as a starting point. Aesthetic and functional needs, the image of the company, styles and many other factors are also considered in a project of this kind.

The project itself involves a series of phases that are previously analyzed in order to guarantee an optimal and satisfactory service for all the parties involved. We make several visits to the establishment to be able to ensure a design that identifies and reflects the company image and provides the right atmosphere to their customers.

For us it is essential to listen to the requirements of our clients and to offer them alternatives and solutions that fit the desires and needs of their companies.

It is our job to satisfy our clients with optimal and functional designs in each project we are a part of. For this, we have an extended professional team from the sector and suppliers that provide us with interior and exterior design products that best suit the conditions and needs of our customers.

If your company requires advice on interior design, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to be part of your new project.

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Inspiration from previous business projects for hotels and restaurants: