“We work with authentic collections and furniture pieces designed to provide you with the best comfort and excellence in your outdoor space”.

The outside living space of your holiday house or island home is extremely important. Cozy living should also be a theme for outdoor furniture, regardless of the style.

We offer and create outdoor spaces that use solid wood furniture, natural rattan, bamboo or also high-quality outdoor furniture made of aluminum, outdoor fabrics and special outdoor foams.

We work together with the best suppliers and local partners to offer you the highest quality and newest outdoor designs. Likewise, we can provide you with shade solutions for sunny areas. There are also options of modular outdoor kitchen furniture.

In case you are looking for unique and personalized items, we are here to create these together with you, using local carpenters.

In an outdoor project, we focus especially on how the sun affects the area, where shady zones are and of course the best views, these being the most important aspects in outdoor design.

The existing climate conditions in Mallorca and the Balearics are often underestimated. High humidity and salt content as well as very bright and strong sunshine can have a significant negative effect on your outdoor furniture. Materials in lower quality such as fabrics or plastics might be cheaper but also have shorter life cycles. For this reason, we only work with suppliers of quality products to provide our clients with a high-quality range of furniture and accessories for outdoor spaces.

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